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Does anyone on our Forum know anything about this company. I know there are several similiar ones out there, and I have been considering using one for time saver. If not this one, if anyone is using one they are happy with....plz advise. Thanks, Kathy

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legit.  I've never used the autofill but used to use the auto-acceptance.  

BPO Automation Group, LLC 
495 Grand Boulevard Suite 211
Miramar Beach, FL 32550
Telephone: (360) 223-2482
E-mail: sales@bpo-automation

See the connection to their website by going to 'REO Companies' above and click on one of the companies.

Thank you for your reply.....How did the auto accept work for you?

It worked well for Altisource orders but I decided that I was not willing to pay $2 for a $39 order ($40 minus $1 Realtrans fee) unless the addresses were really close by.  Then Altisource shotgun orders slowed.  Volume orders from Mainstreet and some from others worked well also.  

I totally agree with you on the $$$. I have not been doing a lot of BPOs in years because I was heavily involved with REO listings which has fizzled to a trickle. Now I have time, but will not do them for less than $50. I am in a rural area where comps are like "finding hen's teeth". Way more work than cookie cutter neighorhoods. I thought if I too any with the auto fill it would not be so time consuming.


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