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Is anyone having success with REOTrans and paying a monthly fee for zip codes?

We signed up almost two months ago with about 30 zip codes but have not received any communications, BPO orders, or REO listings. Are there any success stories to share as well as others who might be in the same boat? What has your REOTrans experience been like?

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I was workinng with them in Michigan were I had ten listing in the last year. Moved to Athens Georgia upgrade paid for that also paying for zip codes. Not one listing or BPO. The BPO board doesn't work no one has time to set on that site unless there not working. Clear Capital tx meassage the broker than you have a chance at getting the work. I did everything I was told they said that I needed to sign up for more zip codes. I can't cover the whole state to get an assignment. I requested information on how many listing they had in my area. They couldn't answer. I asked how many hits to there site in my area they had no way of answering .I left a message no return call for information on what they do to promote there site beside sell zip codes. Remember your only as good as your ablitiy to make contact.
I have been with Equator (REO TRANS) for 2 years now. I have been assigned several REO's but NO BPO's. The thing is I was an approved vendor with Country Wide a year before they started using REO Trans. I continued getting listings until B of A took over Country Wide. Now I no longer get any assignments and I am not an approved vendor for B of A.... What's up with that?
I don't get it! I think I will stop paying for zip codes.
Signed up since May 2008 and absolutely nothing and i have a lot of zip codes ( i mean a lot).
I noticed that BPOs come in at the beginning of the month in a big chunk, but again i can never make it on time.

At the end of the day i think you need to have contact with a AM and inform them that you are on reotrans and hopefully they'll find you and pick you - after that it's a matter of how much they like your work.

I will continue to pay for the coverage... as i am continually trying to get servicers/AMs that use it - on day it will work... (i hope)
I have been with REOTrans for a few years. I can never seem to accept their BPO's on time. The average I have received were 3-4 per year. Most of the listings received were out of my paid zip range.
It worked out well when I was in Michigan. Since moving to Georgia not one REo listing from there system. Alway positive will see if it works out. Best of luck, the BPO system doesn't work with them you have to be right there or someone gets it.


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