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Hi Cece, it is in fact real.

I got an email from this settlement today.  Maybe I should take a look and figure out how much they owed me after all.

I got one as well and already filled the claim form online. It won't amount to the actual amount you were owed since the attorneys get a large chunk of the settlement, but at this point it is more of a "something is better than nothing."

Does anyone have any information on how to get pid from thi suit?  I have been out of commission for the last 2 years taking care of my elderly mother in another state ad did not receive any information about it.  They owe me several thousand $$

They sent emails out to those involved so you can input your claim on their website. It is unlikely you will get what you were owed, as with most class action suits, majority of the settlements end up going to the attorneys involved.


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