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Now you know why volume has been so bad on Altisource since Dec 2012! I suspect they bought equator just for the platform to connect to Agents.and to charge fees, fees, and more fees ..Maybe the new normal is make everyone "pay" to do business with the many vendors....Looks like the REO/BPO industry is just like any industry I have seen..... lots of players at first, lots of models...and then in a few have the Cartel and Heisenberg.....What are your thoughts?

Joey Singh
Ameritax BPO Inc.
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AmeriTax Inc.
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/joey - they all are just greedy scumbags trying to figure out how to get their thumbs in the trillion dollar real estate pie. Of course all the plums they get will come from the pockets of the lowly RE agent trying to scrape up a living wage.


I do not play any of the games. I pay $74/monht to two RE listing web sites. That's it! Business is great and they all can stick their thumbs where the sun don;t shime. They will not get any of my hard earned money. You, pay 'em of you want to. See what you get in return.


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