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First of all I searched the forum for this and haven't seen that anyone ask for this. I'm sure lot of you use "just sold or "just listed" post cards and mail it to the neighborhood area for your listing or sold properties.

My question is who do you use for post cards and do you pick any clients from that. Does it help or it just a waste of $$. I know it depends on the area. I'm just curious about your experience who do you use, how much it cost and how many post cards do you send/mail.

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When I was a top listing agent I would send 400 "Just Sold" or "Just Listed" postcards to the nearest properties in the neighborhood. Our team purchased the cards from Smith Lithographics and we did everything ourselves. At one time I was the neighborhood "expert" in 3 subdivisions because of all the listings, sales and postcards sent to those areas. I would get listings at 7% without any problems and clients were eager to do business with me. That changed when I formed a team as other agents were not as committed as I was to provide the best customer service possible.

However, don't think I would be using that type of marketing strategy in this type of market here in Las Vegas. REO open houses seem to be the thing to do nowadays and are easier on the pocket book.
I do post card mailings and I do them 3 ways.

First I use the Loews Realtor Benefits system which isn't so much a post card as it is a small booklet that loews send out on my behalf, with my picture, my contact information and a blurb about me and how I l am offering those who get the booklet a discount of 10% on any purchase....blah, blah, blah. It has worked very well.

Secondly, my title company provides me with "Just Listed" postcards whenever I take on a property and send them the lead to close. That is always nice.

Lastly, if I have to print anything myself, I use my local UPS Store. The manager is very helpful and all I do is create them in Publisher, send them to him via email, he prints them out at about 300 for like $17.00. I post them myself and send them out. He could do all that to but, would charge a bit more.

Hope that helps.

Tried outsourcing the job to a local company and did not work out. Cards were sent on the wrong dates, had to resend the target database because they would lose it and was at their mercy. is great for postcards and cheap as well. You just have to have a good designed template... or it won't look that great. You upload your database and they send them out for you. Costs about 23 cents for first class if I remember correctly.

I really focus on advertising online these days. I use Craigslist and I create a quick professional looking flyer and I also shoot a quick 2 to 4minute video tour of each home I list.

When I go head to head with another agent who brings his laptop with a PowerPoint presentation and I bring a mini CD with a webpage flyer and video tour on it, I bet you can't guess who gets the listing.

Video is what everybody wants these days :)


Mark Stafford Agent, Phoenix AZ
I have been using Just Listed/Just Sold cards for years. My favorite company I have used is The best responses I get are when there are photos of the house are on the post card. The costs for these custom cards are a bit more, but with the responses I get, I think it is well worth it. One of the greatest things about Quantum is that they do it all. I usually will send out 50-200 cards, depending on the area.


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