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I got an email from Keylink asking if I'd want to sign up with them. They are linked with LRC Asset Management. Does anyone here have experience with them? I got the request 3 weeks ago but have not applied as of yet.

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P.S. They found me on REO Network.

I got a listing from lrc and they signed me up to key link. The listing still in working process

Thanks. I guess I'll sign up.

They hounded me for a month. I finally filled out the app and sent it without a resume. I haven't needed one in 25 years and decided I needed to know more about them so I called Christina. I was told that they buy properties to rehab and they would want me to manage the rehab process and get bids for work so they could have their own contractors do the work after comparing prices from my bids. So they were going to use mine to negotiate with their contractors!? We already can't get contractors in our market to give bids on REO properties without an assurance that someone gets the work and even then they don't want to touch them because they usually don't trust that. We can't even get paid inspections done in most cases. So I get this story from them that I can earn up to 3 commissions on every property. One from when they buy and then by getting both sides when they list with me after rehab. That one drives me crazy. As though I don't know I could sell my own listings. It doesn't happen very often in this market and I'm guessing most. Commissions are 6% with a 20 or 25% referral to keylink depending on price. 20 at 70K and below and 25 above. I do business with LRC. That's been fine so far.

Do you have a web address for them?  I would like to check them out.


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