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Anybody know if its worth $199 to get on Lamco's network to get REO listings??

Singletary (Tary) H. Snyder, e-Pro
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I have seen this question come up many times already but have yet to find any positive feed on them.
I paid for it last year and never rec'd a thing so I did not renew this year.
we did 8 BPOs for them and got our first REO yesterday and it looks like we might be getting another one. they are legit.
Did you get anymore listings from them? They are recruiting right now. I get an email at least once a week from them.
I just signed up with LAMCO and NRBA. I will report back in a few weeks to let you know how it goes.
How did u get into nrba? They've been closed for years it seems
any business from LAMCO or NRBA?
Nice to see a positive comment Anton, I have also recieved e-mails from them every other week for over 6 months now, also our preservation company is getting the e-mails as well, I get many of this type invitation and have joined many, some with results but most with none. Please keep us up to date and let us know how it is going,
Yeah here is the update. We have done 2 BPOs on the same property for them in the last 60days and they have said it is our as a REO when they get it. Our other listing is priced well and I expect it to sell soon. We were part of before if became the lamco network, so we were asked to join no other emails were received by me.
nope they just want the $199

I was signed up with lenders reo also, but never received anything from them. Because of this I didnt sign up for lamco. Did you get BPO's and REO's from lendersreo before the change?
Signed up here as well, nothing so far.... I called a few times and asked if my profile looked okay and they told me it did and that they will inform AMs of that and i might get something. so far nothing... I'll keep you updated if anything pans out.


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