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Anybody know if its worth $199 to get on Lamco's network to get REO listings??

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Hi Ann,

If you paid by credit card just log online and submit a charge inquiry. They will investigate and refund your money. That's what I had to do. They tried to play that game with me and I was just furious. Lucky me I paid with a business credit card thats pro consumer.
Wow! This is sad to hear. I've signed up with them and when I inquired about by area, if its over saturated, yada yada, I was told he didn't have access to that information. LAMCONetwork is a database portal and AM's utilize the agents marketing on it.(in my mind like Dispo) LAMCO is their Asset Management company and they are one of many companies utilizing their site. His department is the marketing end and they have no control over the AM companies and how they pick their agents. Very nice guy and seemed to be straight forward. I'm hoping to get something out of it. Even if it covers just the fee I paid at least I can get my money's worth. I've heard from others that they are great. Time will tell.
I signed up with them a year ago and have received nothing other than a couple recent emails letting me know that it is time to renew. I think I'll pass this time.
We paid in November last year and have received nothing.
Is it common for REO agents to spend all of this money on nothing but "hope"? I guess I used to sign up for all kinds of different lead programs back in the day, but it sounds like there are like 100 different "asset management" companies out there trying to make a living off of FEES! We make our $$$ off referral fees at closing. Its the only way to go
I paid the $199 and have had nothing yet, that was three months ago!
They were my 'test' case this year. I usually pick a new one to sign up with & see what happens. So far (Since Jan.) zilch, nada, zip, zero, great big goose egg. Needless to say I am not impressed although I do see where some other folks like them and get listings. I have the feeling this may be a regional deal with them. They won't tell you who their client banks are either which is imho pretty dumb. If I don't see some action in the next part of they year they will be crossed right off my experiment list & I'll move on down to something else. Any suggestions out there? ;-))
I'm glad I checked to see what others are saying about this company. I was just about to sign up, you know...a lot of asset management companies are starting to have sign up fees because they have not been getting any assignments, so they have to take our money so they can stay open and charge for sign up fees. I have signed up and paid thousands of dollars to other companies and networking sites and I have not received a darn thing from them.
I actually talked to an asset manager the other day that his company owes me money for a bunch of BPO's I did for them and he said that the company is short on funds and is not able to pay me at this time. I was flabbergasted!
(Don't worry Mr Asset Manager I won't say who you are or your company).
I suggest ResNet. I have three listings from them right now. ResNet is a platform that services REO sellers. You pay to join, but its worthwhile, and their platform is well organized and intuitive. So far, so good!
i have had almost for 2 full years and the 2nd year has not given me no listings, as for the listings i do have were prior of the asset company joining the first year was good the second year sucked
Yes from Lamco.
I'm disappointed too. I paid the fee a few months ago and still nothing. Live and learn.


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