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Has anyone joined and paid the fee? Do you get listings from it? Any information is good. Thanks!

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BPOs so far. I've spoke with AM last week and she said that they have more orders coming in the pipe line.
Thanks...that is good to know.
Are you member of Lamco?
No...but I am thinking of joining...
Do it and contact AMs. Don't wait for email to come :) call them periodically, they nice to work with.
Do they give you the AMs contact info or do you just need to contact them and find out who to contact.
Contact them untill they will give you that info. I think they should, we're paying for that :)
Hi Vitaliy, I joined Lamco last year and have gotten nothing, nada, zip. What do you say to AMs when you contact them?? How do u ask Lamco to give u AM contacts??
Celine, I'm not a big REO agent with many listings, I do a lot of normal RE and Short sales. I'm not sure if I'll be the person who gan give advise how to run this business :) I've implemented the same approach to REOs it's call (PROSPECTING) lol. When I'm calling companies like Lamco, I feel like they have to release info with regional AMs, simply because we are paying for that and we are members of their organization. Lamco did released that info, I was able to establish good rltshp with AM. So far they good and I like them.
always let the asset managers contact you...after you've followed the protocols to get your info in front of them.
I signed up a few months ago, nothing yet. I will contact AM and see if it helps. Thanks.
I didn't pay anything...did my first bpo...was told if property didn't sell at auction I'd be listing it...This company rocks!


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