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Has anyone joined and paid the fee? Do you get listings from it? Any information is good. Thanks!

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I paid, no listings yet. I did get a couple of occupancy verifications and several BPOs. Still waiting..
Lamco has been sending me many solicitation eMail calls, even auction like talks to put my name in a database.
They are friendly and professional. If it helps you to get more business then go for it. But this is not how their asset manager
picks the listing agent, as I was told. They found me from previous list wanting me to give them $ this time.
I just joined Lamco, $199/Five Star Pricing for 12 months, I will contact asset managers and hope to create relationships that lead to business


Stay away from the LAMCO Network!!! They will do nothing but give you "Lip Services" and empty promises.  

I was bombarded with phone calls and made the mistake of buying a Lifetime Membership as a Restoration / General Contractor in the Denver Metro area.  

I was promptly sent three work orders and property inspection requests, I thought "Great" this will be a great source of business!!   All three requests took place in Oct & Nov of 2011. The work was completed within 1-2 days of the requests, and I still have yet to be paid.  

I couldn't get a response regarding payment from LAMCO for almost four months until I filed intent to lien documents with the county clerk, and then received several calls and emails, the latest containing a settlement offer at 50cents on the dollar. I rejected the offer and turned the file(s) over to a Denver collection agency.

The Liens, Collections, On-Line Postings and Warnings to other contractors will (hopefully) put the LAMCO Network on the radar as being a Very Un-Ethical Business!!!

Please don't waste your money!!!


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