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LAMCONetwork-for real or just like the others that charge??

Is this another company that is charging fees without listings? I keep getting emails to sign up, but hestitating sicne they are charging fees.

I noticed they had an older format website and I had signed up without any fees, however, no listings or BPO.

Any thoughts?

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Not sure yet. We are signed up and we have done 7 BPOs for them but no REOs yet. I will keep ya posted.
Well, I just got invited to join but, I am not going to do it till I hear what other have to say about this organization here on REOPro. I have seen way too many Realtors loose money on these "pay sites" so......let's hear it, who is working with them now, paying and getting other words, are you ahead or under?
My partner signed up with LAMCO in May and has done several BPO's, (they pay well!), and has has received one listing, which more than makes up for the cost. They are easy and fun to work with and you get to pick your own title company!!
I have signed up a month ago and nothing at this time. I'll keep everyone posted.
I keep getting email from them, but did some research on the website and they don't work in my state.
I signed up prior to the payment requirement and never received a property. However, what I did receive was near daily e-mails promoting their amazing network and personal asset managers. This is regardless of the fact that I have "unsubscribed" from their list...
I am in Florida not sure where you are located at but would you share your address to lamconetwork with me so that I could sign up I am central Florida Pasco Hernando Sumter and Hillsborough County so I don't think I would be competition to you.
Thank you in advance you can email me at
Thank you
I noticed that all of these notes are from before 2010- any recent experience with these guys, they just called me today
I joined about 2-3 months ago and have not recieved even a bpo. I understand things are slow out there for some, so I will be patient on this one and try contacting some AM's. It is always good to see posts like Jen's knowing there still may be hope.
I've had several BPOs, they good to work with. I'll stay with them.
I have been signed up with them for several years. I have only received 1 listing from them back in 2009. None so far this year. They contacted me about 40 times this year to renew at the tune of $399. I did and have not seen anything since renewing in August.

I think the answer is common to all registration sites.  They have limited georgaphic areas of presence.  I think LAMCO is a reputable vendor.  However, I did sign up last year and received no assignments, not even a BPO.  When I was solicited to renew this year, I polled my REO friends across the country for their experience.  Most had received no assignments.  A few had received one to a hand-full of BPOs.  None had received any assets.  Based on my experience and the feedback of trusted REO friends, I decided to decline the 2011 renewal.  FYI, I'm in Northern Virginia (suburban Washington DC).






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