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LAMCONetwork-for real or just like the others that charge??

Is this another company that is charging fees without listings? I keep getting emails to sign up, but hestitating sicne they are charging fees.

I noticed they had an older format website and I had signed up without any fees, however, no listings or BPO.

Any thoughts?

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I just closed one for LAMCO... they were awesome to work with and priced aggresively (sold for cash in 3 days). They auction their own properties. If you did the BPO and it doesn't sell at auction, you get the listing. I had been signed up a year, had done a few BPO's for them and just renewed my membership in hopes to work with them again :)

Good company. I had listings in 2008, 2009 so far none in 2010. I had several BPO's from their company. If they don't sell in action you get the listing. BTW - pay well for BPO and well for listing 3%. No referral fee.

I signed up and paid my registration fee 9 months ago and nothing. I haven't had the opportunity to work with them so I can't say much other than I haven't seen any bpo's or reo's come my way. Maybe there's just not much going on with them in my area....


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