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Hi Everyone...

    It's been awhile since I've been on this forum, but I do read it pretty often!! Good to see many of the same "long-timers!!"

   Okay, so here's the question. How many of you have tried or many of the other lead generation products out there. Please name the company that you work(ed) with and what was your experience. Ill go first.... I don't care for poor leads and couldn't get them to stop billing me for several months after I finished my agreement. Not one good lead generated! wasn't closing came of it but I will try it again as they are supportive and only have a 3 month agreement.

Top Producer- no.....didn't get comfy with it and it was very expensive.

Ok...... your turn.... am tired of testing these companies blindly!! Anyone else??

Thanks!! Rose

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This is a sure way to lose money. Some agents may sign up for premiere agent paying arm and a leg for her turf zip code. One can get some low-end buyers casually interested. Some want to reinforce their presence, coupled with huge bill boards, farming letters, radio and TV ads. Shopping cart is another way to lose your money having 2 or 3 agents on each cart.

I get leads from personal contacts often trade leads with other agents or recycle names they feel I have a better shot.  Keep in mind all internet leads are also sold to other agents and often it is dated or trash wrong number.

Some agents give a list out to people who have lots of time. They pay $10-20 a confirmed lead with phone number that they can call. Often the leads have been screened already so it is a matter to sell to those needing service.  I personally do not know many agents who have any kind of credible successful conversion to completed transactions anymore. Ten years ago when Trulia or Zillow started there was just one agent in each zipcode but now one gets 2-3 calls a quarter not useful info.  You can pay 4 figures easily a quarter with no result.

The secret to find clients is people contact not internet contact.

Word of mouth and social media.Planning on spending some money on Facebook in 2018 heard agents making good money form Facebook.


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