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I just received 2 Interior BPO orders from Leading Edge Companies. Has anyone out there worked with them? Do their BPO's ever lead to listings?

They are going to pay $85 for each order, which is good because lately it seems like the fees are going down. The form looks pretty simple and the properties are just around the corner from each other, which makes it that much easier.

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Ryan, I've never heard about them, let's wait and see from other agents.
$85 for an order is kinda beefy. Seems skeptical at first, but you might want to check the other forums that talk about BPO's.
I have done some securing work for them and they pay very fast, the small jobs never seemed to turn into any bigger work though.
I have done some work with Leading Edge and found them to be very good and quick to pay. I do preservation work.
I did one for them and they paid pretty quick, easy form.
Do you have a link?


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