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I received a call today from a Tyler Thompson that said he is an Asset Manager with Libby Management and was calling to see if I was still handling foreclosures in my coverage area.  He claims they're looking for a qualified listing agent to help them out with some REOs that they have in my area. 

I didn't call the guy back.  I'm suspicious he is selling something.  Has anyone heard of this outfit?  I Googled the phone number and company name - NADA.  In the 20 years I have done REO properties, I would generally get an email instead of a call whenever an Asset Management was looking to assign a property.    

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I think your instincts are correct. After doing your research, you reached the right conclusion. If I talk to them, I also ask which platform they use. If it's their own, they'll make you pay per transaction to use it but if they ask for an upfront fee, no way.  I found a Libby Management Services Corporation in NYC but there's no information about what they do. 

 Could that have been Livi Management? 

I just realized that I got the call yesterday. I really was busy and the sound was really bad. So I told the guy that. When he asked if I was still selling REO, I said "Yep.  You found me! But I'm going to have to ask you to email what it is you need and I'll try to review it late tonight. You got my email address there?" He said yes and read it out to me.  That was Monday. This is Tuesday night. Nothing yet. 

I didn't catch the name. The phone number was 630-925-0916.  

Here we go. This says they are Fleetwood, Team Lear, and also United Default Management which is Larry Pool.

Also got a call from LIVI offering 2 listings.  One was a listing of mine for short sale.  Go figure


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