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Is anyone still using LinkedIn for REO discussions?  There used to be some pretty good discussions and information. Maybe I'm not in the right groups? Any suggestions? 

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Due to many REO assets being disposed of through alternate channels other than a Realtor, the REO discussion on Linkedin and many other networks has all but died. Granted, ever we here at REOPro are slower than we have been before. I agree, Linkedin was really hot at one time but, once the band wagon REO agents are now back doing retail business, Linkedin sort of fell to the wayside. Now, the only networks continuing the REO discussion seem to be those networks dedicated to nothing but REO. The interesting thing is, even we are diversifying our focus a little. You can see that small change with our attempts to recover unpaid BPO fees for agents. In other words, Linkedin REO discussions died and now, the only real place you can get any discussion on REO is in dedicated REO networks, like us.


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