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Wondering if anyone has worked with They claim to have the inside track to getting REO listings. Is this just another company soliciting agents to pay them form schooling that leads to a certificate and no REO listings? Just wondering before I commit to taking their classes.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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Sorry but, I don't have any direct experience with them. Hopefully someone on will have but, out of over 700 members and you can't get one person to way they have worked with them, I would be suspicous.
Thanks for the info. I"m going to a seminar today and will update everyone.
Ok here is the skinny on Lions Gate Financial.

They offer BPO, Resume, Loan Modification, and Short Sale classes and certificates. They claim their schooling will open doors to asset managers and allow you to grow your REO Business. Classes run $495 each.

When asked if they have relationships with Asset Managers they could not answer my question. My take on the FREE seminar is it's a sales pitch to get agents to attend their two say schooling.

If you have no idea on how to complete a BPO, or you've never negotiated a successful short sale, then it may be for you. You make the call.

Hope this helps.


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