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9 months ago I got 6 assignments from LRC. Only 1 has been listed and two offers at 132 DOM they haven't worked with them very well at all. Now one has gone to auction that was never listed and the auction company wants an MLS sheet. My experience so far is less than poor. Weekly inspections, BPO's... Not a penny in my pocket yet. I'd like to hear a positive comment about them. Anyone.

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Who is LRC? doesn't sound very promising, does it...

I have an asset from LRC but no listing yet.  I have been doing the drive bys for over 2 months and nothing, just always a request to drive by.  Anyone have luck with them?

Have you gotten anywhere. I just had them re-assign all of mine. In a year and a half I did over 200 weekly inspections on 7 properties plus BPO's tax and code violation research. I got 1 listing that sold and 3 more that went to auction without a listing. Good Luck!


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