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just got more than 25 bpo orders  from LPS, LSI  and they are now ServiceLink. I have never worked for ServiceLink

Am I safe to do this work?  Does ServiceLink have a good payment history?

Any feedback appreciated.  .

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I'm not sure exactly how long they take to pay, but they do pay. Just recently switched over to direct deposit. See link below for further information:

Yes, Joey, I signed up and they direct deposit and email me....don't know what changes this will entail but had to invoice ServiceLink...wish they would update us soon:)

Did you have to join "THE FORCE" to continue getting work from ServiceLink?

Have done work for them for 8 years and YES!!  Super company, great support and they PAY well and on time!!

Have worked for them for years....good company.

I expect no change initially. Very soon the red tape from QC will be simplified. LSI is way over staffed with inefficient procedure. People calling you without checking your work in progress. QC will be easier and more cooperative.

ServiceLink is near LSI/LPS near Pittsburgh airport.  The consolidation may be good.

Yes they are very good to work with

When I log on to the LSI login page is still says LPS. 

they pay well and direct deposit did not know they hooked up to service link hmmmm

servicelink is very good and pay within 45 days. but you will never get a listing- that is a separate division. But they are very easy to work with. I have been working with them 17 years now

From what I can find out ServiceLink will pay on time.

We have been working on over 100 orders.  They are really busy.  We had to decline some because we can not keep up.  We hope they pay on time but they are located in our town so we can pay them a visit if they are slow pay. Make sure you explain your comps well  because they will kick them back if the lots are not within 10% in size as the subject.


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