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just got more than 25 bpo orders  from LPS, LSI  and they are now ServiceLink. I have never worked for ServiceLink

Am I safe to do this work?  Does ServiceLink have a good payment history?

Any feedback appreciated.  .

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John, I have done work for both Service Link and LPS for the past 8 years.  I have never had a problem getting paid.  Service Link has pretty much turned over all their orders to LPS.  LPS issues checks and usually pays within 30 days.  Their forms are pretty simple and easy.  I normally get $50 per exterior BPO.  Occasionally if the property is more than 20 miles they will up the fees to $60.  Hope this helps!

Thanks Sandy ! it does help !

SAME COMPANY just merged with Service Link, good company pay twice a month  those payments are for the previous month.  Been with them since they started as Market Intelligence.


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