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Hello, Can anyone tell me about Mainstreet Evaluations? I signed up with them a few months ago and recently received a couple of BPO orders from them. The problem is that both orders were 25 miles away from my office with payment of $20 per order.  Is this their standard BPO fee? Is anyone completing full BPO's for $20, it almost seems like an insult.  Needless to say I turned down both orders.


I have completed property condition reports for $20 for other companies, however they don't require comps and usually only take less than 5 minutes to complete once the inspection is complete. But to do an entire BPO for $20 seems unreasonable, am I missing something?

Thanks for your input.


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I would double check to make sure that they are not property condition reports and just called something different, I just did a couple for $20 from mainstreet.  I have also been doing bpos for them for a year now and the lowest bpo I have done was $45.  Just a thought don't want you to turn away one of the better ones.  They have been perfectly on schedule with payments every 60 days since I started!

Thanks for the info Andrew,  on the order in the subject line they call the order a BPO, however when I look at the order in the email it says it is a exterior inspection.  Sometimes inspections and BPO has the same meaning.  I thought maybe they were PCR's however it doesn't really say that in the order instructions.  After reading your post I am beginning to think that that is actually what it is. Especially if you are earning $45 for a true BPO. 


I have turned down two of these orders and have probably jeopordized my agent ratings and chances for more orders. 


Thanks for the insight.

I parted form them beginning of this year.
I been with them from 2005.
They had order in the sticks nobody would take 5 days in the row. I decided to help them.
They called several times to confirm and then called  me once a day next three days to make sure it will be completed on time.
 I submitted it ahead of scheduled due time.
That night they sent email which I found tomorrow around 11 Am that it needs to be revised .
They sent another email that morning around 9 Am stating is is overdue and will be reassigned.
I came to office little after noon as it was Friday to find out that they reassigned it.
I called them up and wanted explanation how come they called every day when it was not necessary and when it was nobody bothered to call same cell number they did for last 3 days .
Lady over there said sorry.
I think they submitted it the way it was as it was just fine and shorted me my fee.
I told will not do another one until get paid what I deserve.
 I told them good luck!

Wow!! That is a crazy is to bad you did a good job for them and they didn't pay you.  We work to hard on these things to not get paid.


Thanks for your input.

I've seen several broadcast emails in the last few months from them with the same thing. $20 for a drive-by BPO and none were close to me. Heck, I would not even do my neighbor's house for $20! Not wasting my time.
not worth the time, it's more like wasting your time and damaging your business. Bpo mill. I've stopped taking their orders about 2 years ago.

just turn them down- some of the agents will actually do them for $20 but my minimun is $50 for the close ones

Monte I had the same question about the $20 fee, however I learned that these are for inspection reports.  You are not actually doing BPOs or pulling comps. After you submit about 6 of these forms they are suppose to change your status and receive BPOs.  It's on the FAQ page also.

John- I received 10 of their orders and they were BPO orders. They wanted pictures,comps etc...20 bucks isnt enough money to start your car with gas prices the way they are. Its NOT that serious for me.

How about $10 bucks, for home inspection plus two comps?

This company from Boston area offered coffee money for doing what?  

It had a lot of write ups and justifications.

I wrote in the report if you read my writing that many pages down.  I will pay you $10. I guess no one read it.

Got another one the other day. I thought only homeless will accept that fee. Bingo it was gone by a hungary



Auto-accept software strikes again! Karma is a wonderful thing!



If agents/brokers are so hungry to be willing to take these $10/$20 orders then they need to find another profession as they do not value thier own knowledge and time. They are also lowering everyone else's value by doing this. I drew the line at $45...IF... they have multiple orders close together at the same time. Otherwise I loose money doing one at a time.

They are calling their Property Condition Reports BPO's at times in the emails. On a side note, what is really amazing to me is the flat fee across the board, across the country...I guess this si why they have a difficult time keeping agents in New York City ( Manhattan). It costs 15.00 dollars to cross a bridge in our own city


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