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Has anyone had problems getting paid by Mark To market ? It has been 3 months and I have not received pay for BPO's I have done dating back to Feb and March. I have contacted them and have been told that 1.  checks would be sent out soon.2. The were merged with another company and have not gotten their payment system straightened. 3. Will have an account in the Jacksonville office (last week). and various other delaying replies. I am in Central Florida.

   I may be the only one having this problem. They still sent out BPO's , but no pay. I hope they are no going the way of evalonline. They were a good company to work for.

Thanks for your replies.

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Mary - Things happened at M2M - We got orders and paychecks from Delaware for several years. I mainly quit doig BPOs a couple of years ago, but they sent me one in March. My check came from Texas.

A couple of weeks ago they called me to do another one and I asked the guy where he is located? He said Jacksonville, FLORIDA.

During the years I did BPOs for them, I always got paid the middle of the following month.

I don;t know whats going on. But, like I said, when I discovered I was going broke doing BPOs for $40-$60, I went to $100 take it or leave it and now I do 1-3 a month, but I built my real estate business back to where it was before BPOs.

PS - I never got stuck by Evalonline.

Hi Mary,

I just received three orders from them last week!  I hope they are NOT having issues.  Please let me know if you are paid  for these and I will check on mine.   Thanks


No you are not the only one.  I have been calling about the last work that I have done from back in March and still havent been paid.  I was told the same thing.  I was told that my check was going out last week but still havent seen anything.

Well, let's see, that's three who have not gotten paid.

My suggestion: When they send another BPO order, tell'em you will get right on it the day you receive the money they owe you.

I do not know how you folks can make it doing them for less than $100. I had to quit because I was working 12 hours a day - 7 days a week and went flat broke. And I was always paid by the various companies. I did them by 1,000s. Took me about 18 months to rebuild my RE business after I went to $100 for the BPOs.

I will refuse any more orders from M2M. I don't want to do them any more anyway. They seem to interfere with my RE business.

Another suggestion - Concentrate on listing and selling. No one can take that away from you. If you are dependent on a company or five for BPOs business and a couple of them quit sending orders or quit paying you, you are hurting.
Focus on real estate, folks. That is the voice of experience talking!

From another Marvin, I can tell you Marv is correct. I stopped doing regular real estate because I developed methods to receive hundreds of orders and be able to handle them.  I was up to 8 a day! Problem is I put 72,000 miles on my vehicle and was working  14/7 and still not putting money in the bank. If I had made TWO real estate transactions per month I would have made more. BPOs are good for several things though---if you are doing a lot, you become very familiar with local values. I could be a blind taxi driver after doing over 3,000 BPOs!  Now I take a few if they are on the way to some place I already had to go. That can pay for the fuel   AFter doing thousands for all the major companies, I see the average fee is about $44.  You need to do 100 a month to make $4400!   BPOs have slowed to an almost stop in the pacific northwest. I assume it because all the loan mods, foreclosures etc were stopped for so long by pending supreme court cases which are now coming out in support of the lenders (Wow, who didnt see that coming?) and now the lenders/servicers have to figure out their next plan of attack against owners. We could see an explosion of orders or the end of the business as weve known it if banks start selling REOs en masse to big money corps to be used as rentals.


Im going back to full time real estate but now thats easier said than done. Things have changed.

It's true, however, you need to find the balance, remember the idea of completing BPO's is to pretty much take care of your over-head. AND, since you're still suppose to be doing your regular RE business that would be your earnings. Having said that, whatever works buddy. While it lasts and while you make it big! Hope things get better in the northwest brother. Here is So. Cal. its slow for BPO but picking up in the market. 

I pick a few of the M2M bpo's, but only the cookie cutter homes that are easy to bpo. They are slow payers, usually 60-90 days, which is kind of ridiculous; hence the reason why I only pick the close, easy ones..

Listen to Rex. He is always right.

You need to talk to - PM on LinkedIn - I will be more than happy to send it to you or friend me on REO PRO 


Mark to Market / MSI

8665 Baypine Rd #200

Jacksonville, FL 32256

Voice:  877-626-2767

Fax:        904-527-8662



I will try that number.


Yes, I did about 5 several months ago and oddly was recently paid for two but at different times. I am sure they owe me for at least three.  Not like Im made of money and dont care but its hard to track whats owed by the different companies and have to chase them around.  And by the way,,,evalonline got me for over $700!! They continued to order even after the filing date on their bankruptcy

Here's the email I sent M2M -

What the hell happened.

First there was Delaware and I got paid every 15th or so for the previous month.

Then I do one BPO and get a check from Texas.

Then M2M calls with an order and says they are in Florida. And this Chris has a Florida address. What is going on?

Did M2M sell out? To who? Are they just incompetent and can't run a business or are they crooks? And where was evalonline located? Any new connection there?


Marvin Shelley, a former provider of BPOs to M2M



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