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Has anyone had problems getting paid by Mark To market ? It has been 3 months and I have not received pay for BPO's I have done dating back to Feb and March. I have contacted them and have been told that 1.  checks would be sent out soon.2. The were merged with another company and have not gotten their payment system straightened. 3. Will have an account in the Jacksonville office (last week). and various other delaying replies. I am in Central Florida.

   I may be the only one having this problem. They still sent out BPO's , but no pay. I hope they are no going the way of evalonline. They were a good company to work for.

Thanks for your replies.

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I think we should suspend them before they suspend us!  They are trying to turn it around like we are the bad guys. 

I just got a check yesterday for 2 orders from July 15th.  Still no problems being paid by Mark to Market.  I note that the return address is Jacksonville Florida with a hand applied return sticker on it.  The check is out of a BoA account out of Hurst Texas with MtoM and Insight Service Solutions LLC on it.  I don't know when that changed as I have not paid attention.  I'm pretty sure they were previously out of Maryland. 

They were in Maryland. Then I got a check from Texas. Then I got a check from Jacksonville, Florida.

I think some one is driving around with the company checkbook.

Some fellow with the company wrote me and said M2M sold out and the new company is using the name. The new company is a property preservation outfit.

I have quit BPOs all together - I was getting $100 driveby, but that's not enough and they are a pain the butt, screw up my real estate schedule, and my real estate business check book says I don't need BPO $.


List and list and list and list and list and maybe sell. Other agents will do all the running around showing and selling. That's how my business is set up. Everybody to their own thingy!

LOL - literally I did!  Picturing the guy driving around with the checkbook.... I used to know someone that either started M2M or was the manager there.  He was with GE lending and was always at conferences.  I'm pretty sure he lived in Maryland. 



CeCe  how long did you have to wait before receiving a check?  I am out now 4 months.



I have received two checks from M2M this year. The first one paid me for the first part of the year and last year(2012). They were about 5 months behind. The last check was last week paying for BPO's back to April, so they were about 4 months getting them paid. I have a payment outstanding for 5 BPO's that I did in July. I told them I will not do any more work until those BPO's get paid and if they are not paid in under 60 days, I will not do work for them ever again. They have called several time to try to place BPO's. This last time I asked the very nice person on the phone if they would like it if they were paid in January of 2014 for the work they are doing today? How would that work for you I asked him? He was nice about it but still wanted me to do the work. Sorry, pay me in a timely manner, happy to work for you. Don't pay, no work. 

Randy - That's right! That's right!

A bunch of you folks are gonna get stuck for thousand of dollars, just like with evalonline.


List, list, list, list list, list and you will not get screwed out of your money.


Watch out for brokerpriceopinion, they still have not paid us this year and we have been told our check was processed and mailed first of August still have not seen it.


There are some good companies out there that I do work with and they do pay on a regular basis and direct deposit in to my account.

I signed up with Mark to Market last month and immediately received 3 BPO requests.  Unfortunately, over 1 month later I have not been paid.

30 days is nothing to be concerned about.  60-90 days is still reasonable although many pay monthly.

Larry, you may want to watch them. I have payments for orders from July 22nd that have not been paid. That puts them over 100 days old. I have e-mailed several times, and tried to call. No one responds. Someone tried to place an order with me and when I told him no, he canceled my access to their web site, made it sound like I was a bad person, and hung up. If you are ok with a company paying you in November for work done in August, you may want to re-think that. All of the other companies that I do work for pay within 45 days at the most. Some within 2 weeks of the order being approved. I think there is a serious problem at M2M, and at some point they will stop paying all together.  

I've got three orders outstanding for payment as of today and a 4th one assigned.......based on the responses here I've notified them that I cannot complete it, I don't work for free. My orders are from's now November. I'd also suggest you let them know you'll file mechanics liens on the properties you've valued.....that usually gets their tail feathers in a ruffle and I intend to start filing them here shortly.


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