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Is anyone familiar with them, how they work, how they assign BPO's? Over the past month I have missed out on about 20 orders. They send a blast order, then, according to my email times, in the same minute they send out the cancellation that another agent has accepted it. I work on blast orders with other companies and of course don't get them all, but do get the majority, these just seem impossible!! I have emailed them twice to ask how to actually get these orders with no response, have also called. Should I just give up on them or do you have positive experience with them?


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M2M will put out the blast but you must be quick to get BPO. They pay well. Hint; Log in and reduce to bottom until blast comes.
just a valuation company, never get any listings from them. just waste of time, just fills your email box with assignments you'll almost never get.
Christy, I've learn that some agents using auto acceptance program, you are 100% correct, it's almost impossible to accept orders, from 90 orders I've received I was able to get 5 :) and M2M will not explain that, but the bottom line is they don't have any assets to list, and max you can earn is $50 for order, so don't feel too bad:) Good luck.
It depends on where you are. First I would make sure I invest in a good system to intercept msgs. I still use a laptop as Blackberry is not a good investment for me. My setting was read eMail every 15 minutes before.

Of 41 msgs that blasted through last few months, I see a pattern. If they send one to your area leave the PC/Blackberry on and wait for more coming then click on the most recent orders if 4 or 5 coming your way. There are tools to use saving the password etc. I almost got 1 and found someone beat me to it by milliseconds. One time one came for an obscure tiny village in Northern California and same sec it was "canceled". It was sent to both me and my RE office mate simultaneously and neither one of us can grab it fast enough ( it is a 200 mile drive each one). I called the office they hinted California has too many agents, brokers .....

Just because you are not getting them(neither am I) it is better to log on and update your list. May be extend your territory so they know you are still active. Some companies delete your name if your dormant too long(6 month?)...
We do several BPO's for them each month. You do have to be loged in all the time. Once the email goes out its to late.

I've done about 35 BPO's for M2m over the past 3 months..They're great..They pay like clockwork , their QC people are appraisers with knowledge of my market , I've been nominated for Preferred Status with them by my reviewer's and when they review their Preferred's performance they've indicated that I'll take on a portion of that business. It means not having to deal with the blast process and having 8 hours to decide if I want to do the Bpo or pass. In the mean time, I click & click and wait & see if there's any new orders, because I missed out on 200 which I wasn't quick enough to get.. They've just reduced the pay to $45.00 per exterior w/comp photos..from 50.00 last month..They Pay 75.00 for a full interior(im assuming as I havent seen any new interior orders this month).

The best days to be online to have a chance at getting any from the blast process are Tuesday early mornings, wednesday all day, thursday early early am.. thru all day. .once in a while they'll have a friday run.. but they're closed on sats and sun's so don't waste your time on weekends.. The only way to get preferred is to do the one's you get , get them done early and accurately.. their platform is aspengrove and it's great and you can look at your matrix at the end of each bpo to see if you'll get challenged to fix it before you submit which can expedite your turn time and improve your quality scores, ultimately to get you to preferred status after a few months.

Dont give up..they're definately one of the best bpo/valuation companies out there.

Hope this helps.
I felt the same way intially. I've gotten a little better at catching them. I've done enough that they've actually assigned a few to me. There was a blast this past Friday of about 20 orders. I was assigned 5 of them.
I've been doing BPO's for them for about 5 months. They pay once a month (around the 10th) and their forms are very straight forward. All I can say is hanging in there, you'll get one! :o)
M2M does send out eblast when a new BPO is listed. At first, it was really hard to capture the BPOs but now it has become much easier since I am always logged in for the brokers and agents, use three systems, have my screen refreshed every minute, I'm set on alerts, and a few more tricks I have learned over the past few years. I have also found it easier to use a gmail account witht he brokers and agents. The emails come through much, much faster. I usually capture 7 out of 10 which isn't bad given than I am also competing with macros that log in automatically. There are times when I am hit with 25 - 30 BPOs at one time from around the country. New tabs and browsers work really great!

After several months of great QC and quick turnaround time, the agents are now on auto assign. Yipeeee! Now on to the next batch of brokers and agents.

Good Luck!
Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the information for capturing Mark to Mark BPO's. You indicatged you use three systems... What systems are those? You also indicated you have your system refreshed every minute. Is this an auto refresh and if so, how do I set this up?

I have never captured any of their BPO's and gave up until I read your response. Maybe there's hope!

Thanks in advance...
I have called and spoke to some people there about never being able to accept and order and the person I spoke to e-mailed me and informed me that they are "aware of third party auto-accept programs...They are prohibited and if we determine that someone is using one, their relationship with us is severed. It's not hard for them to figure out who is using auto-accept programs...just go to a the area where someone is complaining and see if there is one person who is accepting most of the orders.
Hi Christy:
I think they send out a request/blast to the Preferred list agetn first who has so many hours to accept it. If He/She does not accept the BPO then the first one to respond to the blast will get it. The problem with M2M is 99.9% of the time when a blast is sent it will be or has been accepted by the future listing agent.

I finally just ask them to take me off their list. They are supposed to be a very good company and if you can ever become a primary for them it might be a good move, but for me I just felt I was wasting my time. In fact even thought I am on about 15 lists and average 30-50 per month I still have a hard time getting addtional ones to do.


Thanks for everyone's advise! I did manage to get my first one. They seemed to be sending out a lot last friday so I kept the page open and kept refreshing and got one before the alert even went to my email. I think I kind of became obsessed with trying to get one since I had missed so many opportunities, however, I realize this is a little too much work to get these. I get regular assignments from Clear Capital, Dispo, Mainstreet, Secured Lending and First American which keep me busy enough and are easy to claim. A couple of those automatically assign them to me, so those are the best.

Thanks again!!


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