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Is anyone familiar with them, how they work, how they assign BPO's? Over the past month I have missed out on about 20 orders. They send a blast order, then, according to my email times, in the same minute they send out the cancellation that another agent has accepted it. I work on blast orders with other companies and of course don't get them all, but do get the majority, these just seem impossible!! I have emailed them twice to ask how to actually get these orders with no response, have also called. Should I just give up on them or do you have positive experience with them?


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Hi, I am new to your site...can someone give me the web site address to sign up with Mark2Market to do BPO's.
Thank-you, Jodi
Just Google Mark2Market and follow the links. That's a decent way to find lots of companies.
This is one of my favorite companies and I'm on auto assign with them. The company has a great group of people that are very responsive when you call with questions. Its founder, Glen Calderon, was a top REO agent for a few years and has been recognized as such by REALTOR magazine and by Prudential. Glen Calderon is also the founder and/or established Default School. Anyone who has been in the industry a while knows who he is.
welcome to the club, its hard to grab them and ive never been able to get to them.
I purposely stayed up all night trying to intercept one. Although it took longer (5-10 minutes) before the CANCEL msg coming through ... Looks like it was not releasing ACCEPT to the public.

Will kiss them good-by as the most elusive task besides trying to get a REO listing....
Sam, I would determine how far you are willing to drive to do bpo's. I would then add EVERY zip code in that radius. Besides opening yourself up to obscure zip codes that aren't as obvious to others, you'll increase your chances of getting more bpo's, not just with m2m but other companies you're signed up with as well. My bpo biz was building and then one main source dropped down to almost nothing. I spent about 12 hours signing up with more companies, sending email resumes to those companies I was already signed up with and not active and making a few calls. Within a day I had 10 orders, and 3 were from companies I had never worked with before. That was Monday of this week. I haven't any new orders in the last day or so but those activities sure seemed to help.
If you're going to be active doing bpo's don't be afraid of expanding the zip codes. For me, I'll drive 45 minutes because I'll probably have other orders right near it. Do an MLS search for REO's in your county and surrounding counties. Those areas are probably going to be where the bulk of bpo's are being done.
Hope that helps!


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