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Has anybody worked for Market to Market, a bpo Company?

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  • Good company, they pay on time once a month.


same here.  they are good and pay quickly.  usually $45 exterior BPOs.  they have preferred agents.  I have never figured out how you become preferred.  you get shotgun orders those agents turn down or do not accept within the 4 hour acceptance window.  those orders are picked up very quickly and you usually get a 'cancelled' email within seconds of getting the order email.  you may become a prefered agent in your farthest out areas because no one else wants to go there.

I have worked for .... wait I have been signed up with this company for 5 Years. Very difficult to get orders but it is a relatively easy form dont hit the find work button too much or they will accuse you of using auto accept. happened to me and I had to fight to get them to believe me that I was not using such a system. I told them if I was using that dont you think I would have gotten more orders from you then one a quater.... they did check this out and reverse their process because it was clearly a mistake on thier part
To clarify - my reply is for the company called "Mark to Market".
Very little work in my area, but they pay all right.
Great company. They also will give listings.
They are good to work with.

Any updated information on this company?

I have not done work with them, for YEARS ( over 5)...In any event, I read on another blog site, that they have been funny with the payments, since 2013. As I understand it, a Broker by the name of Glen Calderon, started the company, after he left his business in New York. He was the Broad Listing HUD broker there. when Hud Stopped that process, he started Mark To Market. It was basically a Mom and Pop type business in MD. Pain in the but forms and qc, but he paid. 

As I know understand, he SOLD the company last year, and the new owners are not up to snuff.... I do not want to post the other agent site here, but you can search "Mark to Market BPO Reviews" , online.

Thank you for the info

I will never work for them again.  Refused to pay me for 9 months.  I had to file complaints with the BBB and the State Attorney in order to get paid.  Took about a year to get my money.  NEVER AGAIN!!!!  BEWARE!!!!!

Thanks Michelle


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