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Has anybody worked for Market to Market, a bpo Company?

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I've always received payment. I experienced some payment delays last year. I had to send them an e-mail reminder in January of this year about missing payments.  However, they seem to be paying every 60 days now.   I got a check yesterday for a BPO done in July.

don't listen to the non sense great company been with them for years, I got started with them by sitting there refreshing the screen and picked orders before the bast ever reached anyone and now 1000's of bpo's later I am glad to share, they called after a month asking me to be a preferred agent, but sorry to also share at least in my area pretty slow last 2 months, and by the way there payments are back on schedule

I have always been paid by Mark to Market.   Great folks.

I've worked with them for years.  They are a little slow in paying but I've always gotten a check.


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