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America's Largest Social Network for Default Real Estate Professionals, I am getting all kinds of chatter from some fairly reliable sources that say Matt Martin and HUD are having some sort of tiff / fall out. Apparently, what I could find is that back in 2010, Matt Martin filed a lawsuit against the Fed but, apparently some later developments have happened that I need some more, anyone know anything and are willing to share publically? If not, send me an email to and I will keep my sources confidential.

Note, I have attached, what I believe to be the documents from the lawsuit back in 2010 as a pdf below you can read.

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I have read some really outlandish posts from all different types of people in my time, but your post, Bruce Ailion, is just out there.  I suspect the way you badmouth HUD you will never be a HUD LLB. I further suspect you have some ulterior motive for speaking the way you do about HUD; perhaps you simply were not chosen as one of their LLBs by one of their outsourcers. Finally, I doubt anyone here cares much about every time you make a ton of money or that you have no problem cashing their checks.  Unfortunately you come off as a severely unprofessional agent and if you are a REALTOR, I'm almost embarrassed to say that we belong to the same organization.

UPDATE! From a very reliable confidential source who emailed me requesting his / her information be kept confidential.

Jane Doe # 2,....


"HUD made numerous mistakes on this procurement. I can’t get into details but it appears that when one of the companies was disqualified, the principal flew to Atlanta and was granted a private one on one discussion with Craig Karnes. It appears a lot of “qualified” information was shared with him. He then filed a GAO protest using this information. HUD agreed to take "Corrective Action” and his protest was withdrawn. He was then let back into the competitive range… BAFO (Best and Final Offer)...using the information he received from his private discussion…it appears he took advantage and the rest is history. The problems go much, much deeper but I would guess that between the GAO & SBA protest, we’re looking for the first of the year before any decisions are made.  There is currently two stays, one from SBA and one from the GAO."


For more information on the web you can visit the GAO site below.....


It is true that when a company gets disqualified, they have the right to sit down and determine why.  In the M&M3.5 award bids for Arizona and California, I do know that in the original decision they through out companies for stupid reasons like, they didn't realize there were more columns to their spreadsheet.   So those companies had the right to appeal and be re-considered.  That is why there are so many "rounds" for this.


We work for Pemco and Hometelos and I do know that assets are down all over the country since HUD has started selling non performing notes in pool sales prior to foreclosure.



I must take issue with your response Jason to Bruce Ailion and HUD. He was just being very up front with how he saw the situation. Over the years HUD has had issues with contracts being let, hence the near constant change in vendors. The good ole boy system rolls on.


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