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Just got an email stating MCSV Valuations require a biennial background check at $44.00.  Anyone do work for MCS Valuations and what is your take on this?  They pay promptly and I have no complaints about the company. Their software is a bit unstable at times but nothing serious.

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Yes, this has become common practice for most of the vendors. I'm not a fan since they took over CoreLogic. Software often has issues (complete the entire report, try to submit and it deletes the entire file). I've also been having problems with orders, I accept it, then I get a call or email stating it's been removed an hour later. This has become common practice lately so I've decided to no longer accept orders from them. But that's just me. 

I stopped taking anything from them as the forms are a nightmare

how they pay? ACH?

They do pay I think.

Agents are taking voluntary pay cut to get orders.

Corelogic was a terrible experience. I think there were two Indian companies not one.

Since they move back really have not thing to grip, System is another story. I think they moved to Amazon data center....

They have not been getting much business locallly. In fact it is time to say adios. Take my 98% Pt report card can not get a McCafe even.....


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