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I just received a bpo assignment for this company.  Anyone work with them?  Positive or negative feedback is appreciated.


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Hi Susan,

For Fannie Mae agent registration, do you go thru their site directly and apply from the standpoint of your brokerage office, or yourself as an individual ~ cause they do say you gotta have 3 people with w-2's?  Also, do you sign up with the 13 asset management providers they list on-line?  Who ultimately assigns the listings, Fannie Mae one of the Asset Management companies? Thanks!


Do you know if they do any work in Colorado??
I'm sure they do, the question if they have any assets in Co at this moment.
Thanks--just looking for additional REO's in Northern Colorado.
Update, I just received a call from MAS, asking if I would do a pre-approved short sale for a client of theirs. This client was offering an astounding $5781 for homeowner relocation, and a 5% commission split evenly with the buyers agent.
I've just emailed my AM for more information about SS, I'm not sure if there is a list of agents for that?
Vitaliy, my email said it was a pilot program, so just starting up
Watch it guys..this is how I got started with them. Better than their REO program but it's really just one more person to go through to the Servicer. AND they overprice so the 2 experiences I had led the homeowner straight to foreclosure.
I've had great results with Meridian!  Sold my first one within 30 days and currently on my 2nd listing with them. They do require inspections/bids for HVAC, roof &Septic tank. 60 days for reimbursement and they do allow you to file 1099 for contractors and they pay them directly. Good luck!
Sherry, I just signed up with Meridian today for the southern part of LA county, CA. What area are you in and once you were accepted, how long did it take before you got the REO listing? Did you have to do BPOs first? Thanks for your help.

Hi Deborah:


They actually called me! So once I completed the application I received the listing. I am in Southern Alabama.


Good to know how they operate. I am glad you had a positive experience and I wish you many more REOs! Let's keep in touch. We can learn a lot from our networking.


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