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Moratorium is lifted and now what?? I expected a flood of biz in October and then waited till January and then February and now finally, finally the wait is over this point the banks would be stupid to flood the market and it would be better to just keep a steady flow. It would be better so we don's have a drop in market prices. With the slow of REO we have seen a level in the home prices. (Well at least where I am located) Anywho.....what do you think?? Flood gated open or Steady rain??~Stac

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I think we have another delay waiting to see how the FDIC is going to do the Toxic Asset Program.. The banks want max dollar out of the homes as they well shoud. I think we are still in hurry up and wait mode...I can feel a slower entry to the market from Loan Modifications and loan work outs.
Hi stacie, steady Rain I think. I agree that a flood, as many have predicted, would be foolish and the banks know that as well. I had a huge Feb & March (closings) and have only received a few replacement properties. I know a few agents who have had 0 replacements in 2-3 months. People are getting a bit nervous.
i see a drizzle since it was a monsoon several months back ,as i have said thou there are certain banks volunteering to extend tells me ...they are doing well with it ......moratorium was on evections paper work still went on for foreclosures, many more liz pens being filed but less foreclosures ,plus asset mgrs of merit being retrained in short sales READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL i have gone back to recruiting more s/s but on a very selective basis


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