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Does anyone know who is their AM company? I'd appreciate any input.

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I believe they use multiple companies. I have one of their properties now and I received it through Selene Finance.

Thanks for the response  Kevin. Doesn't Selene use an AM?

I just got an interior MTGLQ BPO order from Assetval, previously known as Asset Valuation and Marketing. The order says if the point of contact, a real estate agent, questions my request,  I am to say I am completing for Dakota.  I've never listed for any asset company called Dakota.  Dakota is also related to Rushmore Loan Management for which I also get BPO orders. Interesting.

Cece, Do you get any REOs from them?

Nothing.  I did have an old Rushmore contact who gave me a Dakota contact but I never heard back. 

Have a few thru Selene

MTGLQ bought a lot Fannie and Freddie non performing notes, I'd like to know who are their AM now.


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