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Does anyone know who is their AM company? I'd appreciate any input.

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I believe they use multiple companies. I have one of their properties now and I received it through Selene Finance.

Thanks for the response  Kevin. Doesn't Selene use an AM?

I just got an interior MTGLQ BPO order from Assetval, previously known as Asset Valuation and Marketing. The order says if the point of contact, a real estate agent, questions my request,  I am to say I am completing for Dakota.  I've never listed for any asset company called Dakota.  Dakota is also related to Rushmore Loan Management for which I also get BPO orders. Interesting.

Cece, Do you get any REOs from them?

Nothing.  I did have an old Rushmore contact who gave me a Dakota contact but I never heard back. 

Have a few thru Selene

MTGLQ bought a lot Fannie and Freddie non performing notes, I'd like to know who are their AM now.

I have one through selene currently...

They use several different companies to dispose of their assets - Selene, Alta, Dakota, Shellpoint are the ones I know of. I also know will soon use Fay as well, but they have setup their own brokerage so you will have to join that to get assignments.

Hello Lucie, 

thanks for reply.  Quick question, mtglq has their own brokerage? I know each AM do which I have been trying to break in. But I haven’t had any luck yet 

No, they do not have their own brokerage that I am aware of. They use brokers from various brokerages here in Illinois.


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