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Can anybody give me advice on doing a short sale with Bank of America on the listing side? I read the site they state that I can do a short sale without an offer.  An agent stated that I need to bring an offer to get started.


Please help!


Charisse Dancy

Keller Williams

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You can initiate a short sale without an offer on Equator.  The instructions are on the site that you saw .  Bank of America will then review the file for both HAFA and any other programs that the Seller might qualify for.  Please be aware that if the seller qualifies for a program they will contact the Seller to get their approval.  Bank of America has been very responsive on my Short Sales lately.  
Ann, thank you sooo much! I did read on the sight that they will respond in 10 days if I don't have an offer.  If I do have an offer it would be 48 days before they respond.  Have you had that experience?


They have a program called Bank of America Co-operative Short Sale. Is is similar to HAFA in that they give you a pre-approved price so that is another way to get the short sale started before you get an offer.


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