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Hi everybody, I haven't had the opportunity to writes this blog earlier, because I have to catch up with things in the office after the conference and I have been busy, but I have a few minutes now to write about my experience at Five Star.

I had a great time and it was a very positive conference for me. I had a very interesting interview with Freddie Mac and wonderful group of people, and I met some of the members of the terrific team at HomeTelos and First Preston. I didn't go to any of the classes, but I get to network and meet some great people some of the folks who frequent this site, and other who work in my area or who I met before.

I had some fun times at the events and got the opportunity to meet some people who would help me advance my business, and make new friendships. I guess there are always room for improvements at the conference, but I don't want to spend too much time in the negatives.

Most of us need to remember that we have to look for the opportunities everywhere, we all have a lot of give and to share, we need to do that,

I saw some of the power brokers in my area looking for business, I saw a new group of reo agents emerging like me a lot of first and second timers. I think I was better prepare the secodn time than the first time, but I still have a lot to learn.

It bothers me to read some of the post on this site complaining about the few brokers who get all the listings, complains of not getting enough listings, enough bpos, not getting paid for bpos or having to pay some companies that are taking advantage of the newbies, believe I have been victim of many of them.

You all need to know that seating in the office waiting for the asset managers to call you because ou have an ad in a magazine or website or you are taking x,y and z designation, etc is not enough. blogging here or on any other site is not enough, social network sites are not enough.

You can be a Darn Good Reo Agent and know everything and do everything right, have all the designations on the face of earth, but we have to remember that this is a people business as realtors we don't sell houses, we sell our selves and our service, any licensed realtor can do what I do, but not every realtor knows who I know, and that is the difference. We are the people's business, we need to network and meet the people who will give us business, you won't get listings if you just seat at the office, maybe once in a while you get a walk in or a phone call, but that is not developing or having a real estate business that is taking orders from a client that you will never see or talk to after you work the transaction.

Successful agents take the business seriously and work it like a business, do the right marketing, referrals, and they go out to look for the business, they don't wait for business to come to them, they are involved in their communities, churches, business groups and everyone they know, know that they are real estate agents, the same principle applies to REO is not different, the only difference is the process, and maybe the mindset, we are teh cowboys of real estate, and we are lucky that we know to get more business we need to go to the many REO conferences, rather than to knock on thousands of doors.

Also we need to invest in ourselves and our business, If you are too shy to network or you are not comfortable doing it, then I suggest two things, one take classe or seminars to help you overcome that, or change careers. We need to get more educated on what goes on in the business and the economy, we need to attend the network opportunities and make the most of each and every one of them. so far I have been to 3 conference, I don't want to bore you with my story, but I am not a big time agent, just working on it, and I don't have the platinum card or the large bank account to go to every conference there it, but the few that I have attended have been good for my business and my personal development.

I really recomend to everyone, stop complaining about how slow, bad etc, set up a goal and make it to a confernce next year, any conference, get a schedule of them and if you don't know ask, put aside between $1500 to $3000 depending on your situation and go.

Last year I was broke went to Five Star, paid $799 for the conference, $350 or air fare, and $260 on hotel room, I stayed at a cheaper hotel few miles away from the conference, $90 on transportation and about $50 on food, drink and tips. total $1549, I have received work from the contacts I made there last year, directly and indireclty worth many times more my investment. This year I spent more than that, but I am sure that it was a good investment, I will let you know next year.

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Thanks for the update. I agree - getting out there and face-to-face networking is where its at in our business. Getting educated on the product and clients you service is another addition to your business portfolio.
Great post Jose, alot of us in the business forget that aspect of face to face prospecting with regards to new REO business and the only opportunity to do so is at these types of conferences.
yes my friend we get to caught up with the client's always look online first, and the easier way to apply to most Asset Management Companies and BPO companies online, that we forget the importance of relationship building.
I had a great experience at the Five Star this year. I was able to meet a few good folks and gained some great knowledge on how to build and run an REO business. My mind is turning a million miles a minute just digesting the information and planning for the future.
it was nice meeting you Reggie.
I agree with you Jose. My REO business is growing more everyday because I work it more everyday and I would never expect a return from running an ad, maybe just some name recognition.

Five Star this year was awesome. Less agents and more people from the industry who seemed willing and excited to talk. Made a ton of good contacts in the industry and met a ton of awesome agents. This was my 6th event this year. And feel these conferences have helped me double my REO business in the last year. I recommend to go.


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