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National Real Estate Solutions and Edgemark Solutions

Hi, I received an email from Roman Fisher from National Real Estate Solutions looking for recommendations for property preservation, repairs and maintenance, etc. companies to handle their needs. I would love to refer my contractors, just want to be sure they are good and legitimate. My contractor friend is also looking into Edgemark Solutions. Does anyone know if these are good companies to work with? 

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As the CEO of NRES, I will tell you that we are a real company, we have been in business for almost 8 years and we are a national property preservation, inspection, repair and maintenance, asset management and government services company.  We are continuing to grow in the default space and always need reputable contractor and we find that realtors provide the best leads because you require the best from them.  visit and check us or visit us on LinkedIn.

Oh Thank you. I referred my favorite contractor to you and checked out your website. Told him I would love to work for you as well..... And then I found Roman on linkedin too. You look like an awesome company. I am happy to pass your information along and would like to sign up to work for your company as well. Thanks again. 


They are a good company to work with. I have dealt with them since March 2015 and haven't ran into anything objectionable.


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