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Does anyone have anything positive/negative about Nationstar. I know they are a Fannie outsourcer and I've just received a BPO from them. Anyone???

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I have worked with Nationstar for the past 5 years! They are a wonderful company to work with! I am now getting their Fannie Mae's too....
Thanks Raegen
I also work with Nationstar. The asset managers I've worked with are top notch and great to work with. Do the BPO and request another : )
Juan, do the BPOs come from Nationsvs?

I receive my listings and BPO requests direct from a Nationstar Asset Manager.
I've been working with them for some time now. Great company to work with.
So what's the signup process w/ Nationstar? Online you fill out the application and no answer. Even requests don't get answered for getting updates on the application. Any ideas?

I have worked with Nationstar, and they are great to work with. Pay CFK reimbursement to the agent by wiring the amount to your account same day you give occupant the check. Want Occupancy check about 30 days before foreclosure sale, and weekly updates- then they give you reo lisitng when if/when they own it as REO. The listings have dried up here in AZ, but I am in touch with them, and would surely work with them again.


They use Equator, and found me there. I don't think I ever signed up with them other than reotrans/Equator.




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