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Tony Rosales

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Do you have any examples of sites already created & implemented along with testimonies


Here is the just completed site for our very own Jesse Gonzalez!

Only 2 spots left on the website deal!!

FYI... for a smaller fee we can tweak an already existing website. Email me at to discuss!

Before signing up for anything with this guy you may want to check around.  I should have before I signed up for REO Warrior. He doesn't live up to his advertisements to say the least. I asked for 1/2 the $595 I paid back since I only received half the work (not even sure about that) advertised but that was about 3 weeks ago and I have not heard anything back from recent requests to him.  I trusted this person as I had met him a couple of times at conferences. I typically don't spend money like this.....this has been going on since 12-2013.  When I complained I got responses such as "everyone in family was sick from his wife/assistant (obviously a small operation"" then when I didn't receive the resume he was going to put together as part of the package as advertised I was told it must have been an email error or better yet went to my junk mail.  I check my junk mail daily Tony.  So at this point I still don't have the refund nor do I have the resume.  Save your money and definitely do the research. 

Hey Tony,

Normally, I do not leave personal testimonies like this because....well, as the administrator of REOPro I have to be careful not to "endorse" companies or people however, in this case, I will make the exception.

I wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for my new site. I had been using a template Alamode Broker Xsite and can truly say, I am glad I made the switch to you. Let's not forget, you are saving me $50.00 a month.

Thanks for getting me set up and being responsive to my concerns. It's been a pleasure and I am sure it will continue to be. I will most definitely be recommending you so, I hope that helps out.

Like Jesse, I have nothing but good experiences with Tony and the quality of work he puts out there. I've known Tony for years, about 7 years if I have to put a number on it and have never had anything but upstanding and reputable service from him.

Dawn did you sign you for REO Warrior?  If so what did you receive?  Maybe I don't understand.  I never received the resume which was one of the main reasons I signed up to begin with.  Others said they received a CD.  I didn't.  In the end I received a spreadsheet showing his company had signed me up for 24 companies.  That was it.  I paid Tony over $500 for this. 

He owes me $250+ that he has not refunded yet.  You would think he would have fulfilled his agreement at first and I would not be writing this now.  Glad he saved you money. 

I have had numerous success due to signing up for REO Warrior and paying Tony for personal consulting on growing my REO business over the years.  Working with Tony and connecting with REO companies based on his coaching connected me with clients I never would have worked with otherwise.  I'll be signing up for Realty Buzz as well.  Diversifying the clients you work with today is the greatest hedge against lack of business and I anticipate having continued success working with Tony on this new project.  Feel free me to call or email me if anyone wants to personally discuss this issue any further. 

Wow I wish I was able to say the same thing about REO Warrior. I was so excited to begin with and then it was a big flop.  Matt what did you receive when you signed up?  I am not opposed to paying for anything to enhance my business but I did not get anything out of this.  I received an excel sheet with 24 company names that REO Warrior signed me up for......that's it.  Nothing else.  $549 later....I may email and call you. 


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