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Fellow members,

Got this today and was one of their test agents in Chicago for 5 orders...this is going to change how BPO's are done and I just had to share it I was so excited about the opportunity.


This is a new BPO company but not a new player to the industry. was created by the owners of BPO Assistant.  Who if you didn't know it are owner/brokers of a multistate Real Estate firm that does REO and BPO work like the rest of us.


I have met Ted & Stacy several times at industry events these are two honest and hard working people and I cant wait to see what they have in store for the BPO industry, like I said I received 5 for a test group they had today and was done with all 5 in less than 1 hour (not counting taking the photos)


They have created a BPO that needs no data entry!!  OK well at least 95% NO data entry and doesn't even require their software.


They have client that has boarded and is planning on ordering 50,000 to 100,000 fee BPO's in the next 12 months.  SO if you are looking for additional income this could just be what you need.


I just thought I would share, I do hope the code in the email works for everyone I know they say it is limited.


Chicago, IL



BPO agents wanted in your area.

We are The PropertyValueMart, a platform designed and created by the owners of BPO Assistant / to assist Financial Institutions, Hedge Funds and Asset Management companies in finding the industries BEST valuation experts.

We have a major client that has boarded our platform and is looking to order 50,000-100,000 BPO/valuations in the next 12 months and they would like us to invite you to join their network.  We have 500 going out in the next 24-48 hours with more to follow this week.

How our platform works:

                Click the link to watch a short video on how the platform works:

Orders are completed on our website

  • Agents are paid within 30 days of order completion by the client directly. (keep in mind we do financial checks on the client prior to allowing orders to be placed)
  • NO DATA ENTRY BPO FORM.  That’s right we have put our knowledge of the BPO/Valuation industry to work and created technology to make BPO’s easier for the agent while giving the client more data than ever before, and YES NO DATA ENTRY, you do not even need our BPO Assistant software because PVM does the data entry for you.
  • You control your fees, the client has suggested prices but you are free to increase or lower your prices based on the type of order.  Urban vs Suburban Rural vs Extreme Rural, etc.  Please know that the prices you select will affect your volume, if you want volume you will want to reduce your prices.
  • 2 hour acceptance window, client allows agents with the best pricing and score 2 hours to accept the order before it is assigned to a new agent.  (orders are assigned based on your score, since this is a new platform your price will set you apart from others in your area)

How to sign up:



Click on Register with a vendor code

Enter the following code:  12ae45f8              *this network has limited openings so this code will expire.  ,Clients are looking for experts that understand software used for completing BPO’s that is why you received this email.

Pick your user name and password and input your information.  Phone number is important as orders will be sent via email and text messages.  If you want orders via text be sure to include your cell number and provider, otherwise you will only receive email notification. 


On the next screen select your zip codes, you can put them in by city or one at a time.  You MUST pick at least 1 city to register, you can add more later but we are blasting out orders in the next 24 hours so get them in right away as you will only receive notices for orders in your ACTIVE zip code list.

Next you will see a RED button toward the top to click to complete your profile.

You MUST upload the following active and valid documents:

  • Personal or company W9  *payment made to this address and name
  • E&O insurance
  • Active Real Estate license for the state you are doing BPO’s in
  • Resume- why do clients want this…they have assets in areas they might not have agents so PLEASE upload a resume or at minimum a list of zip codes if you want to have the opportunity to receive properties if the client has a need.  AGAIN NO FEE EVER FOR THIS EXPOSURE!  **note:  performing fee BPO’s is NOT a guarantee you will ever receive  REO assignments.  **

Enter the expiration dates of your documents

Complete desired pricing for each BPO type and location type and your turn around time.

You are finished.

Once registered your documents will be verified and you will receive a confirmation email of acceptance into the Valuation Network.  In addition the email will contain information on any final steps to ensure you are up and ready to accept orders, video training and upcoming webinar times.

All of us at PropertyValueMart look forward to having you in our Valuation Network and please know we are working hard behind the scene to get all Banks/Hedge Funds/Asset Manager to use our new cutting edge platform to REVOLUTIONIZE the BPO industry and make BPO work more rewarding to our Networks (easier to complete) and more valuable to the Client (more accurate data than ever more QC kickbacks because ZILLOW says the value is xxxx).


All of us at PropertValueMart

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they are refreshing their site look.


try code 12ae45f8  some browsers you have to tab or click off the code box to get it to validate


I know they just sent out orders in IL again today and they said others are coming tonight for 25 different states

Thank you for the information.  Do they have BPO orders in areas other than Chicago?

I just emailed them to ask areas and the reply I received was:



Thank you for your inquiry.  Yes if you have any agents wanting to sign up please pass along our website and the code 12ae45f8   .

We have orders in the following states for this week:



























These are just a start on our initial order, the bank has all 50 states on the next batch of orders.


As you know we started our test market in IL but that is just a small percentage of where our orders are at, the client wanted a test control area and picked Chicago since it has a large amount of comparables.



Vendor Manager




Thanks again.  Got signed up today and will await orders for Washington state!

Thank you Amy for this information.  I have a concern:  they want to log into my MLS system, using my password.  I know that I will change my password but I am not sure if my MLS will permit this.  Has anyone else had issues with their MLS: 

To use our platform we must set up an export to gather data from your MLS. If you are a user of BPO Assistant/ you most likely already have this set up (TMF BPO EXPANDED EXPORT). To ensure proper fields are coming over, we need to log in and verify the following:

Please advise.  Thanks

if you email them they can do a goto assist and set it up on your computer with you logging in, one of my mls's back in the day we had to use a token and they had to do that for that mls's only because of how they tracked my ip address and token.


the process takes a little longer to get set up because they work you in but they will make it happen.  I promise Ted and Stacy and their team are first class they are brokers just like us so they understand the MLS issues.


Thank you so much.  I appreciate your help.  Blessings to you and yours...

Thanks for the heads up here Amy.

how this company pays to the agents? Direct- deposit or check?

Any payment I get must go through my broker.  I am not sure if agent's can be paid directly unless you have a document signed by the broker. Not sure what your state says about being paid,but I would check it out.  I live in Texas and everything I get paid for MUST go through the broker.. Just sayin'


good point to make I agree it is state by state on how you can be paid, I don't think the BPO companies care who they pay it is up to us agents to ensure we follow our state law on being paid for work related to real estate.


I know as a broker I would 1 prefer my agents get paid direct, using my staff to cut checks to agent for 30 dollar or even a few hundred wastes my staffs time.  As an agent I would prefer my broker not know how much I make, I know agents in CA that do 500 BPO's a month and make more than most agents that sell so if brokers catch on to that they will want a cut of those checks.


Its a double edge sword on how to get paid but bottom line make sure you are in compliance with your state so you don't have issues. 

My broker allows me to keep 100% of my BPO money.  As a matter of ethics, you are correct, each agent needs to abide by their state laws.  Thanks for the post.


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