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Looking for your opinions / experience....


Another company, more of the same, connect agents to asset managers, pay $399 first year, etc etc etc...


Please, prove me wrong. Anybody every heard of them? Anybody paid for it? How is it?  etc etc etc. I always like to read from REO PRO members, never shy to speak up. Thanks for your opinions!


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I'm not paying another cent for a company to do this. I have been burned too many times.
Me, too, Richard!!
They must, cause they keep asking!
Thank you Miquel!
Same here. If we paid for every group and designation available out there we would all be broke.

Some may be legit but I will wait until someone has comments, good or bad.
Exactly why I use this format, thanks Steele!
Never heard of them and I am not paying out anymore money to these companies, same as Richard, have been burned too many times.
Hi Cindy, I have watched your comments in other blogs on EPRO and agree with you completely! I am over it. Thanks for your comment.


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