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After trying to get on with BofA for 3 years, I was approved 2 weeks ago and since then received 7 listings. Not sure what is was...maybe just persistence? Definitely non a repeatable process!

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I just got my first BOA listing yesterday!  I have one question.  In equator, it is asking for occupancy.  The property is vacant, has a winterized form on the door.  No lockbox, cant get in.  Looking in one window there is trash and such.  The form on equator is asking if any personal property remaining.  I can't tell till I get in the home, but have to answer yes or no, and there is no space for a comment.  Do I say yes?


Dear Jim: Check all the windows and doors to see if there is an entry point. Either drill out the lock and replace the set or try the old cc with a little shoulder English. Make sure you have full authorization by email or otherwise to service/list the property for the benefit of BA (or there servicing entity), case the cops show up.
Email the AM tell them theres no box. 
The management company normally contact you the day that they are going to change the lock and clean the property.
Congratulations Rowland. Did they call you on the phone for an interview or was your online application sufficient to lead to the listings being assigned to you?
They did call me and interview me on the phone.   After that I did not hear anything for a few months
I say "no". I make it clear that I haven't been inside. For the picture, I upload a sheet of paper that says "Waiting for BACFS to rekey the property...
After I got my email inviting me, I uploaded the requested docs to equator and the next day I got a screening call.
How did they find you?  Any tips?  I have been trying to get in with them for years.
The best way is with a local BOA  loan officer.He or she can send your information to them.
They are releasing their inventory and are adding agents to handle it.


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