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After trying to get on with BofA for 3 years, I was approved 2 weeks ago and since then received 7 listings. Not sure what is was...maybe just persistence? Definitely non a repeatable process!

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I am wrorking on my first listing with BOA.  I am very familiar with Equator, but does anyone know of a manual, or guide for their properties?  I also hear that they use a scoring method.  I'm kind of thrown out there blind.  Or maybe we can share ideas here. 

I signed up with there information form a couple of weeks ago.  do you know if they are adding all over the country or just certain markets.  Would like to touch base with you to see if I can get an Oregon Contact from you.
They do have a scoring method. The best resource for you is to go to ... They never sent me login info, but I clicked on "forgot password?" and the sent me a temp password...
I signed up with them a few months ago. Been listening to the crickets ever since :) Tried to log into the website and no email found. Any ideas?

Hi Rowland,


How did you follow up with them, I submited the info on their website, but do not know how to follow up with them. Any suggestions?

Congratulations, Rowland!! Fantastic!!

So were do you go to sign up with B of A? I have been doing BPOs for them for many years and have yet to get a listing. I have signed up or so I thought. So what do I need to do?


Luanne Dvorak

To let evreryone know, I am not sure how I got on with BOA.  I think it was a combination of things with the best coming from my local loan rep.  The other was emailing and calling anyone I could get a name or email address for.

So I need to know: WHO should my BofA loan rep contact?? Nobody here on the forums has given that information and my local B of A loan reps don't know either. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP ME ANSWER THIS.



I did thousands of BPOs for First American now Corelogic back n 2008 to present. My Lender with B OF A for over 15 years  put the good word in for me. I would like to think it was a combination of that and two other asset companies that led me to this opportunity. Hard work and perseverance paid off. I remember my first check back in 2009 for BPOs was for $16,000.... when I was literally dying in this market.
I have an application that you could fill out to sign up with B of A. I signed up weeks ago through a link someone gave me. Then the next day the General Mgr of my company send me an application. If you write me at, I can forward her email to you.
DELSFO FILE..... Sorry!!!!!! this is what I ment to say. This is what I got back from BOFA?? 


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