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After trying to get on with BofA for 3 years, I was approved 2 weeks ago and since then received 7 listings. Not sure what is was...maybe just persistence? Definitely non a repeatable process!

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I go t a listing but short after B OF A sent me this memo" DELSFO FILE" with a re assigned notice? Did I do something wrong??
Have you gotten more than 7 listings? Or was that all? Just curiousness?

Some of you have been asking where to sign up for B of A. I found the link:


I hope this helps. There should be plenty of business to go around.

Once you are signed up with B of A and if there is a need in your area, they will send you the required paper work to be filled out along with Master Listing Agreement.  Once they receive the package, they will call you for an interview and if you make it, they send your application package to their upper management for approval.  If you are  approved, they will send you an email congratulating!   They will interview agents on a need basis.  Once all agent in the area receives 12 to 15 listings, they are at capacity and it will trigger them to hire more agents.  I hope this helps!
What was your persistence? What id you do other than register?
well I guess sometimes it's just the fate in the cards. I never filled out an application for B of A. But I was assigned 3 listings  by another asset management company that were B of A owned. There were buyers immediately and they closed really quickly. Then I get an email from B of A asking me to apply. I asked how they heard of me and the reply was that I was referred to them by an assset manager from another company. I don't know who to thank. But I sure do appreciate it.


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