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After 4 years, I am extremely excited to announce my acceptance into NRBA as a  new member. I am proud and honored to be part of such an elite group of REO real estate professionals and look forward to working with this group in future years.

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Weird they just invited me in too.  Wonder if they are expanding to the West Coast or if this is just a fund raiser.  Did they guarantee you listings?

Congratulation!! I know you have earned it.

Thank you Charlenia.

Did they want money?

Congrats!  I'm a member here is WA! 

Thank you Justin,

Hope to meet you at an event in the near future....

I'm sure we will! 

Hi Lynetta, I just got accepted and am very excited as well.  How has your experience with NRBA been over the last 4 years?  I would love to connect with you and trade info.  Let me know if you get this reply.  Thanks!

Don't you have to pay on monthly or yearly basis for that?

Yes, the fee for the first year is $1990 and after the first year you can move to a monthly fee of $165 approximately.

$1,990.00 .......ROFLMAO! Seriously, they are getting that......ROFLMAO! Do they guarantee a ROI?

Hi Jesus, I am not quite sure how to respond to your comment.  I did a lot of research on NRBA before I joined and determined based on that research that I would most likely be able to make my investment back within a reasonable amount of time.  Just like I have made my investment in investment back many times over.  I have made some mistakes like investing in a lifetime membership at LAMCO that is no longer in business, but I did get my investment back with the one foreclosure I was assigned to me by them. I just accept that investment as part of the cost of doing business.  I am thankful that my RE business affords me the opportunity to explore these opportunities and to become knowledgeable in what works and what doesn't work.and that I can share my experiences with the esteemed members of this forum as I also am benefited by the experiences of these members. I am very grateful for everyone in this forum that contributes so that we all may learn better about what works and what doesn't.

I will keep anyone interested in NRBA appraised on my personal experience with this organization as to their ability to enhance my RE career.  I will of course participate in whatever they have to offer to see how it may enhance my RE career in distressed properties.


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