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After 4 years, I am extremely excited to announce my acceptance into NRBA as a  new member. I am proud and honored to be part of such an elite group of REO real estate professionals and look forward to working with this group in future years.

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Hi Jerri,

First off, I am not important enough that you should ever feel you have to respond to anything I post, don't ever feel obligated.

Secondly, the problem I have with these "pay to play REO clubs" is that not a single one of them have a monopoly or relationship or connection or insider track to all Investors holding REOs inventory for liquidation but, they don't ever disclose that. Sadly, they lure agents in with this whole idea that they have, "exceptional training" or "amazing platform" or "(Fill in the Blank)" and sadly....that's really all they ever have. Sure, a fortunate few in the organization end up with listings, normally the lions share but, the truth of the matter is, a good portion don't. In fact, for every Pay to Play REO Club that's out there that has 1 agent praising their affiliation I can show you 2 or even more who say they did that club and never saw a single BPO let alone a REO.

Finally, if these "Pay to Play REO Clubs" were about being honest and upfront with their members, they would map out their clients inventory geography on a map for all potential clients to see. At the very least, they would tell potential members from states where they know they have no inventory because their clients don't work in that state that they don't have inventory to offer that potential member but instead, they say things like, "Well, we don't have any clients with properties in your state but....we have this"

In many ways, I see a lot of these clubs as get rich schemes for the organizers of these clubs. In fact, not to drop any names but, I have had more than a few approach me to turn REOPro into a Pay to Play REO Club and every time they do, I turn them down because my standing reply line is, "I am a national network can you provide national coverage" and each time, they fall by the way side., I said finally but, I didn't mean it but, now I, FINALLY....LOL. :) That's why I partnered with Glenn Beck and his NATIONAL referral site, The best part is, REOPro members don't pay a dime to join REOPro and they don't pay a dime to join Glenn's network. We aren't offering some silly "State of the Art Platform" or some "Incredible (Useless) Training Certification" a good one, "We have an annual conference in Hawaii"......LOL. Like I said, I am sure it works for some, I know people in NRBA, DIL, etc... that are making a killing but, that's really not the story for the majority but, you would never know talking to NRBA when you are about to drop,

NRBA generally had a great inside track on getting their members DIRECT exposure to asset managers and companies. That was from their inception in 1998 to about 2006. Then it dropped off precipitously.  A lot of asset companies stopped attending the conferences in 2007 or would leave early and 5Star got going. And, of course,  the market changed. 

I benefited greatly and it might help someone new in the REO biz but I understand that you have to have a lot of experience in order to get into the NRBA right now. Since I was kicked out in 2007, the number of Ohio members went from maybe 20 to about 5 right now. 

All that being said,  I understand that you have to be a Glenn Beck follower to be a member of that network. I had only heard his name and that he is a right wing personality. When I applied and said that I have no exposure to him - he's not on any local radio or TV station for me to even check him out,  I got no further response.  I'm definitely not right wing anyway. 

Hey Cece....REOPro may have a huge announcement soon in regards to a national Full Interior and Drive By BPO company that does both Residential and Commercial properties. I have a meeting with their President later this week to talk about potential cooperation so.....stayed tuned, I may soon be announcing that another company will be considering REOPro agents above others for BPO work. Very exciting.

That's good to hear.

With Hedge Funds and other private entities holding on to so much inventory, the balance of the business has really shifted so many of these organizations have lost their functionality.


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