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Any one know about this new company? They are trying to get me to pay 400.00 to sign up with their company. They have a portal and have assigned 2 properties but the 400 is taken over the phone! This doesn't sound right but they are saying that they have properties. What do you all think?

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Run - there is nothing but a money sucking hole there. Legit companies do not do this. A few legit do want you to take their specific training & you have to pay for Equator & Res Net but this smells like scam all the way. Also, no https for security and the name is a knock off of this site & is just looking for borrowed legitimacy. 

Scam. Formerly BankerREO

If they want YOUR money, that's a red flag!!

Stop and think a minute, WHY do they need YOUR money?

and that would mean (IF they ever paid you) they would be paying you with YOUR money.

Just send me the $400.00 if you must pay someone.

DO NOT PAY THEM A PENNY. Per your post, they have  assigned you 2 properties. How did they assign you the 2 properties? By phone or email or their portal? If verbal FORGET IT, THEY JUST WANT YOU TO DO THEIR WORK FOR FREE? If by email or their portal, just verify to see if the information is accurate. Please email the AM and ask them. 8 years ago, I would believe them, but not now. About month ago, my husband received a call from a Company that I had worked with in the past, they gave him 3 properties to verify occupancy and he did it. I verified and all 3 have been foreclosed on. He took pictures,  when he called them back, spoke with the secretary, the AM was in a meeting. He has left  numerous messages for them and he has not heard back from them as of yet. So unfortunately we can not trust them any more.

 I told them I'd be more than happy to double there profits for them. I will give them 800 at the end of the 2nd closing instead..... they just wouldn't go for it...

I did this too.  They do not seem on the up and up.  Plus they make you pay to work for free.  They say it is because you don't have to pay for the repairs and upkeep for the property.  They seem highly suspect.  They probably get money for the BPOs that we are doing for the free.

they are bad news and they are very questionable. I signed up and have gotten no listings. I had a bunch of BPOs that I did. Even after I have signed up they call me as if they do not know who I am and then start acting weird. Also, they called me the other day, like Broker Price Opinion did not identify themselves and claimed they were going to give me some listings. The person on the line grilled me about my experience, then when I told him that I was already signed up for his company. he started acting weird and then said he would call me back. He never did. very, very strange.



I know, I cannot believe I was stupid enough to do it, I have other clients that I ended up paying for accounts but I get enough business from them. Won't happen again.


Never ever pay some company money to get work!!!!
You will be sorry in the long run. They will take your money and that is the last you will hear from them. No legit BPO or REO company asks for money up front. That includes companies that claim they have sellers and buyers waiting for an agent like you to contact them.

Rather than throw away $400 to some company who is only out to rip you off, go donate that money to help a homeless shelter or to help disabled vets or any other good community cause that you are interested in.  


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