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Hi all, 

   I'm new to BPOs and would like to do them to supplement my income, as I do real estate full time and most of my efforts are focused on working with buyers and sellers. Though I would like to make a dent in it and also get to know the world of REOs. Any recommendations for BPO companies to register with that you've had good experience with? I'm looking for someone reliable and who will actually pay, preferably in a timely manner. I live in Louisiana if that helps. 

    So far I've registered with Residential Real Estate Review, which all they need is a copy of my real estate license but I'm waiting on that because I just switched brokerages last month and my broker hasn't received it yet. I'm in the process of applying with PCV Murcor, Clear Capital, and 


   Any other recommendations? In in Louisiana if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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Thanks all! :)


Glad to hear that you just got your first assignment good luck!

Thank you John! I definitely see that I can and will benefit from software or the services your company offers at some point should I get an increasing number of BPOs. My first assignment was completed and accepted yesterday, so I'm glad that I'm getting the hang of it already. I really love how Clear Capital operates. They already paid me for it too, though it could be because yesterday was the 15th and they pay on the 1st and 15th of every month apparently. I have a small assignment tomorrow for them as well that I will be doing in the morning. 

PCV Murcor is good but they are demanding on you giving updates, Clear Capital is a great company to work for.

Goodman Dean is a good company, you might want to sign up on RES.NET you have to do free BPO's but you could/can get REO listings. SAM.Quandis is also a good company, Valuation Visions is a good company also but they low ball the fees. Do not work for Brokers Price Opinion they will not pay you. Hope that helpful. Lynda

Thank you Lynda! I actually completed my first BPO today and it was for Clear Capital. It was approved too, so I'm happy! They are definitely a great company to work for. They are fast and very consistent and helpful. 

Apply with Rels/Corelogic.... Great company, you can sign up for auto pay and litterally be paid within 2 days... Goodman dean is great to work with, Computershare has a lot of volume, I would also recommend xome....

Thank you Tony! Quick question about Computershare. I went to their website and it appears they would like for you to email for BPO opportunities, though I did click on the "Broker Registration" link instead and set up my profile on Vendor Module, since that's where it takes me. Is that all connected, or should I shoot an email instead? If you go to their website  at this link you should be able to see what I'm referring to.

Hmmm.  I would maybe shoot them an email too just to make sure youre active.  I signed up a few years ago and cant remember the exact process...

Thank you! I will do that.

The future of BPO is robotic processing automation. The trend has started since 2015 but is still finding its way into making more reliable technology. Amelia was built and who know what more AI units can be created. RPA is just one of the predicted trends in the BPO industry.

You can

I did BPO's a few years back and the one great thing about doing them was the market knowledge you gain, you get so good at pricing property's and seeing trends and you're getting paid to be a better agent.  

Suzanne, I definitely agree. I am learning way more about the market than I ever have previously thanks to BPO work. 


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