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Hi all, 

   I'm new to BPOs and would like to do them to supplement my income, as I do real estate full time and most of my efforts are focused on working with buyers and sellers. Though I would like to make a dent in it and also get to know the world of REOs. Any recommendations for BPO companies to register with that you've had good experience with? I'm looking for someone reliable and who will actually pay, preferably in a timely manner. I live in Louisiana if that helps. 

    So far I've registered with Residential Real Estate Review, which all they need is a copy of my real estate license but I'm waiting on that because I just switched brokerages last month and my broker hasn't received it yet. I'm in the process of applying with PCV Murcor, Clear Capital, and 


   Any other recommendations? In in Louisiana if that helps. Thanks in advance.

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I know that if you don't fill out the paperwork properly online, you will not get paid. But, I cannot speak to why that happened to you. I have been doing orders for them for years and they pay me every two weeks like clockwork deposited directly into my account. I made $30,000 on my 1099 from them one year. But, Blair, as I mention in my program, I always tell people to do a couple for the client and see if you get paid. If you do, then keep doing them, and if you don't, try to get your money back and don't do anymore. That's what I do and it works for me. You just accept something really close to your house for the first order.

Smart lady, that is exactly what I did, only got burned for a few hundred dollars less than 500

Thank you Linda. I signed up for RRReview, Clear Capital, and HomePath so far. My broker has previously done work for HomePath not all that long ago and always got paid and quickly. That's not to say I'll have the same kind of good luck like he did, but I'm gonna focus on those for now and see what happens. I will definitely reach out to you if I need it!


Our company primarily assists real estate Agents regardless of experience. We can definitely point you in the right direction for getting started in the industry. Phone consultation is free, order management Pipeline is free, & our order outsourcing is a streamlined pay as you go service.

Hi John, thank you for your insight. I'm checking out your company's website right now. Do you all provide BPO work or just the software for quick input? 


Yeah we provide outsourcing and automation for a select number of companies.

Hey there Blair,

Welcome to the BPO Industry, get ready for a fun ride that could change your life and how you do in your real estate career!

I'm a BPO trainer, coach and past BPO agent that's based near Destin, Florida. We also offer BPO software to help you automate filling in 90% of your RRR and Clear Capital orders and our software works on lots of other BPO provider sites.

My recommendation is two fold for you.

First: check out my straight-to-the-point blog about the only 15 BPO companies that you should worry about signing up for and doing BPO orders for.

Here's a link:

Second: my other suggestion is to check out our newly-updated and completely free BPO and REO Companies List. It offers all the information you need to decide which companies to work with because of how much volume they have, how much they pay, what other BPO and REO pros think of them within a 1-5 star rating system and direct links to sign-up with any company once you are ready.

Here's a link to our directory:

Please let me know if you have any more questions, I'd be happy to try my best to help!


Nicole Ocean

BPO Automation Group LLC

BPO University LLC

Thanks for the update Nicole.  I looked at the directory about a week ago and it was definitely outdated.  I was looking for your rating on one of the ratscam companies and it wasn't there.  I don't remember which one.  

Hey Cece,

Thanks for your reply and no problemo and the site needed some clean up that's for sure! I know that it's really helpful for those that find it and use it to their advantage.

As far as our rating for a specific company that may be bad or be a slow/no pay company goes, we take them off our list so that no one continues to register for a bad to work for company. We also don't offer AutoFill for them like we took down years ago. It's a personal mission for us to not support bad BPO/REO or Asset Mgmt companies that are slow/no pay or have a bad reputation in the industry.

Do you remember which specific company you are thinking about Cece?

Lastly, the rating system on the Free BPO and REO Companies list isn't my companies rating, it is done anonomusly by folks doing BPO's and REO's that want to cast their vote and help share their opinion for the greater good. We find it to be right on most times!

Learn more here:

I hope this was helpful to everyone reading this :)

Thank you Nicole! Sorry I didn't get to reply sooner. I'm just getting started though I definitely feel that software will help me out in the long run as I begin to do more BPOs. Your list of companies was also very helpful too!

Thanks for your input. So far I've been accepted by Clear Capital and AVM (Asset Valuation and Marketing) and I received my first BPO assignment from Clear Capital this afternoon, which I've accepted. I'm curious to see how this goes. Thanks for all of your input!

Interesting reply Joseph! I mean no offense here, but I hear folks say this from time-to-time and it always stops me in my tracks. Of course, I have to add my two cents here, sorry. When my company invented BPO AutoFill software back in 2009, it was to help me with my BPO orders because I was getting burned out on them. It helped not only keep me in business but it also allowed me to focus on what I do best and it wasn't killling myself on the data-entry part. I choose to work "smarter, not harder" and I believe the thousands of real estate pros that have used our software would stand behind this 1000%. It should take the average person 15 minutes to do a BPO order, 10 minutes to pull comps using the NABPOP's BPOSG and 5 minutes when using BPO automation software to help with the AutoFill side of their order. How long does it take y'all to do a BPO order (minus taking the pictureS part)? And are you using BPO software or not? Curious minds would love to know :0)


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