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I was wondering if any of you have had experience with New Vista.  For a while they were not accepting new brokers but recently started to accept new applications.  So, they make you fill out an application and if you are "approved" then you have to pay the $195 yearly fee.  The application also states that the approval and fee does not guarantee business with them.  I'm wondering if it's worth taking the chance or if this is just another fee and way to take advantage of all the new REO agents?

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I know that I have crossed approved for 2 different properties last week. All this means to me is that 2 different REO agents got listings. Both are Fannie Mae and are on the website. I am not a REO agent, but rather a Loan officer. Not sure if that helps, but up to date info. Good luck

They are a solid company and I have sold over 40 assets for them in the last 12months. They were one of the few outfits that did not loose there Fannie Account. Lot of work but if you get on the good list it is well worth it. I spoke the the AVP a few days ago and they are and have vamped up for the volume . This may be why the re-opended applications. As you know the last thing an oufit wants to do is add new brokers, and they only add when there is a need. That will be the best 195 you ever spent.
Thanks Jonathan. This definitely helps, I'll submit the application.
I just signed up, thanks for the tip!!
I am cross approving for a listing in your zip code so that should be a good sign of inventory in that area.
Good luck
Ryan and Jonathan,
I've just aplied and was wondering how long can take for approval?
They are usually pretty quick depending on need. If they have a need in your area it shouldn't take more than 2 wks. If there doors are open. Get your apps in..
I am in the process of completing the application, and had questions pertaining to Section 3:

1. GCI
2. Company Market Share - by percentage %
3. Company Market Share - by number in market share

Would you be able to provide assistance on what information they are looking for in these questions?

Your help is truly appreciated.
David, I m not sure what that means, the process must have changed since I signed up. However im assuming GCI stands for Gross Comission Income, company market share is what percent of total listings your company ie Davis Realty, KW Realty, etc , has compared to the number of homes on the market. There should be a contact email or number on their ap. Hope this helps
Me too????? Pls advise??? Thanks!!! Rose---- rose.mencia@gmail.comm
Ryan.... New Vista notified me yesterday that I will be on a waiting list as they are not accepting new agents in my part of FLA.
Anthony, how long ago did you submitted your applc.


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