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Anyone doing it well these days?  Any thoughts on news paper vs. online ads in today's marketing environment?


Todays buyers are generally armed with a computer and cell phone, but I do not want over look news paper advertising it is can still be effective.


Any thoughts?

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there are still some niches for news papers, here are some examples
1. Ethnic newspapers, some new immigrants or even ones who like to read in their first language, will read some of the neighborhood ethnic papers, I personally like to read the local paper in Spanish and I advertise there and it works, it is cheaper than the big local paper. Also most first generations immigrants don't use the internet as much.
2. Some senior citizen prefer the paper than the internet to look for realtors, and they will be thinking about downsizing, reverse mortgage, etc in the near future, there are again some of the local papers and some papers that target this niche.
3. Some newspapers combine their print edition with the some kind of internet advertising, I use that with the big papers for open houses.
Two years ago after spending year of open houses asking buyers how they found out about the open house only one person said newspaper ad. So I stopped advertising in papers and started blogging and more recently using social media (facebook, twitter, yelp, etc) It works great and does not cost anything but time.


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